ZUN Mini Fridge 6L Portable Beauty Skincare Fridge Cosmetic LED Mirror Refrigerator with 3pcs 75178023

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This mini fridge has everything! A single cold water machine with LED lighting mirrors has 6 liters capacity. The ideal size is not only used to store beverage cans and snacks, but also can store personal favorite skin care products, all natural beauty products, cosmetics, essences, wheels, moisturizing, moisturizing drinks, snacks, etc. Apply skin care products at a cool temperature to protect the product effect. Compact mini fridge apply any space such as dormitory, bedroom, office, room, car, etc

Product Details

Where and when needed: store personal favorite skin care products, natural beauty products, cosmetics, essence, masks, moisturizing drinks, snacks, etc.

Lighting mirror: The mini refrigerator adopts LED illuminated glass doors to promote the use of beauty products.

Storage capacity: 0.17 cubic meters. The capacity of feet/6L can store various cans, bottles, and containers, with a maximum capacity of 12 ounces (6). Beverage can or 7.5 ounce beverage.

Customized organization: The small refrigerator has two adjustable shelves that can mix your favorite products; Indoor door frames are perfect for cooling masks and rollers.

Temperature control: The mini refrigerator can cool to 40 F/4 C or 32 F/18 C below room temperature; The warm setting will maintain the temperature at 131 F/55 C.

Environmental protection: 100% frequency free, low energy consumption.

Private chiller: suitable for bedrooms, bathrooms, sinks, dormitories, offices, daycare centers, cars, RVs, campers, or mobile spaces.


Model: 6L

white color

Appearance: LED lights, mirrors

Cooling capacity: 28.4F(-2C)~42F(5.5C)

Heating Capacity: 140F (60C)

Power: 110v AC or 12V DC

Capacity: (9) 18 oz

Dimensions: 10.23 x 7.87 x 11.41 inches

Weight: 6 lbs

6L Mini FridgeFree three makeup spongesInstruction Manual

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