ZUN 1.3 mm HVLP Gravity Feed Spray Gun Yellow 45100539

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Here we are offering a Gravity Feed HVLP(High Volume Low Pressure)Spray Gun with 1.3mm Fluid Tip and Regulator. This spray gun supplies low pressure through the air cap which makes the spraying softer, easily controlled and less overspray in high transfer efficiency. Ideal for spraying basecoats, clearcoats and other light to medium viscosity coatings!

1. Designed to provide equal atomization and partical size for all kinds of surface painting
2. Stainless steel needle and nozzle accommodate a variety of coatings
3. Light weight, ergonomic design and easy trigger pivot reduces operating fatigue
4. Precise 1.3mm stainless steel needle and nozzle set
5. 1.3 Knobs for full adjustment: Fluid, Pattern and Air Pressure Controls
6.1L Stainless Steel Fluid Cup with Lid

1. Material: Aluminum
2. Operating Pressure: 29 to 51 PSI (2.0-3.5 bar)
3. Pattern Width: 5.9" to 7.1" (150 to 180 mm)
4. Avg. Air Consumption: 4.2 to 7.1 CFM (150-180 l/min)
5. Spray Guns have Standard Size 1/4" Air Inlets

Package Includes:
1 x HVLP Spray Gun Kit

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