ZUN 10 Gallon Portable Sand Blaster Tank 29282328

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1. Easily remove paint, rust and oxidation
2. 10-gallon tank with shut-off valve
3. Features press-in sand blasting, applicable to the requirement of high density surface treatment
4. Feature two 6 inch rubber wheels and handles design, easy to move the machine while working
5. Perfect for local surface treatment of immovable and large work pieces

1. Blast Hose Length: 8 ft.
2. 4 Ceramic Nozzles: 3/32" 7/64" 1/8" 9/64"
3. Rubber Wheels: 2x6"
4. Color: Red
5. Capacity: 10 Gallon
6. Material: Steel
7. Weight: 15kg / 33.07lbs
8. Type: Tank Type
9. Kits Includes: Blast Hose,Ceramic Nozzles,Rubber Wheels, Filling Funnel,Water Trap,Canvas Hood

Package Includes:
1 x Sand Blaster

This sand blaster holds 10 gallon abrasive material and is equipped with different shut-off valve locations for adjusting media flow and a relief valve. This portable sand blaster is ideal for professional shops as well as your home garage. The large capacity tank allows you to store up to 10 gallons of media abrasive material and is easily transported with two rubber wheels. Two handles make it easy to move it. Do not hesitate to buy this 10 gallon portable sand blaster tank.

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