ZUN 110v 1/ 3HP 4CFM Vacuum Pump HVAC Refrigeration AC Manifold Gauge, R134a,R12 R22 R410a with Leak 39499681

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  • Detect all halogen-containing refrigerants;Regardless you are changing refrigerant for your AUTO AC, Mini-Split or HVAC, this tool kit is designed for all purposes
  • It includes all of the necessary tools for finishing your task. Ideal for Vacuum Packing, Gas-Analysis, Hot-Forming Plastic, jeweler making/gluing jobs and Air Conditioning (including automotive applications)
  • Adjust the sagacity at any time;The instrument can be automatically adjusted to the best detection state
  • Built-in high-precision voltage regulator IC; Using ultra-low power circuit design
  • The work is more stable and the battery is more durable;Use high-quality sensors. High working sensitivity and long life

Condition:Brand New
Vacuum pump parameters:
Input voltage: 110V 60hz
Vacuum pump exhaust: 4CFM
Motor power: 1 / 3hp
Vacuum pump oil volume: 225 ml
Motor speed: 1400 rpm
Heat dissipation: aluminum outer box + cooling fan
Oil window: with high and low limit marks

Table group parameters:
Design: Siamese valve
Interface/connector material: Copper
Body material: Aluminum
Hose: Special tube for refrigerant
Hose pressure: 600PSI
Hose length: 1.1m
Hose interface: 1/4SAE
Hose color: Red/Blue/Yellow
High and low voltage distinction: Red accessories are high-voltage group accessories/Blue low-voltage group accessories
Dial data: R12 R22 R134A R410A
Conversion head interface model: 1/4SAE to 5/16
Air-conditioning special valve: Suitable for refrigerant
Storage: Plastic storage box
Window: Set the refrigerant to view the window Leak detector parameters:
Name: Halogen Leak Detector
Detection range: Leakage detection of air-conditioning refrigerant
User: Air-conditioning maintenance personnel
Refrigerant pressure before detection: Try to maintain a pressure of at least 340Kpa (50PSI)
Environment before testing: No Wind/Clean/No other gas pollution
Material: Stainless Steel + Plastic
Sensitivity adjustment: 7 Gears adjustable
Use battery: 4*AAA Battery
The detection speed is controlled at: Not more than 2550mm/s
Detection distance: The distance from the surface is no more than 5 mm
Power-on state: There will be a slow and intermittent "di, di" sound
Leak detected: Make a long whine of "Beep..."

Package included:
1 * Storage bag
1 * Electronic halogen leak detector (set)
1 * Siamese watch set (set)
1 * 4CFM vacuum pump
1 * Special valve for air conditioning liquid addition
1 * Manual (set)
1 * Vacuum pump oil tank (empty bottle)

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