ZUN 1.6 Cub Safe Box, 3 opening methods LCD display Safe for Money Valuables Black W2161128151

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When it comes to safeguarding your most precious belongings, trust in the Daogugan 1.6 Cub Safe Box, meticulously crafted from robust alloy steel. This secure sanctuary for your valuables not only boasts a sleek white design but also offers multiple opening methods, ensuring your peace of mind.

Unparalleled Security: Weighing in at a substantial 21 pounds, this safe exudes an aura of impenetrability. With three distinct opening methods, you have complete control over access: use the master key in combination with an emergency key, opt for the master key with a password, or rely solely on an individual password. This trifecta of security options ensures you'll never be locked out of your treasures.

LCD Display Convenience: Navigating the Daogugan Safe Box is a breeze thanks to its intuitive LCD display. Easily program and access your chosen opening method, keeping your valuables secure yet accessible with minimal effort. The LCD display adds a modern touch to the safe's overall design, seamlessly blending function and aesthetics.

Generous Capacity: Measuring at 1.6 cubic feet, this safe provides ample space for your cash, jewelry, important documents, and other valuables. Organize your items efficiently and store them with confidence, knowing they're protected by the sturdy alloy steel construction and multiple layers of security.

Versatile Placement: The Daogugan Safe Box's compact design allows for versatile placement within your home or office. Whether you choose to mount it securely to the floor or keep it discreetly tucked away in a closet, you can trust that your valuables will remain safeguarded.

Store a variety of items you want
If you are looking for somewhere safe to put your private and precious items, this safe deposit box with drop slot is a perfect choice. You can put it anywhere you want.
High quality material
Made of solid steel, our safes have strong door panels that are fireproof, waterproof and durable. This safe has a wide range of applications, It is the best choice to put in in the bedroom or office.

Product Dimensions (Approximately)
9.45 x 30 x 40.01 (W x D/L x H) cm

Total Weight
9.45 kgs

Main Color       : Black
Main Material : Metal

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