ZUN 16x24 pneumatic up sliding dual platen heat press machine with infrared positioning W1883109847

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1. Large format heat press machine with duoble-station

2. Multiple time settings for heat press machine

3. Bright, large LCD with a wide viewing angle heat press machine

4. Heat press machine with stand

5. Hot selling heat press machine is suitable for fusing low temperature and low pressure lining and fabrics of various types of clothing

6. Heat press machine with self-pressure balancing system

7. Thread-ability over the lower platen

16" x 24" Up-sliding Heat Press Machine Pneumatic Heat Press Machine
1. Heat press machine is full digital integrated display control; 2. High accuracy of signal indication when press process is completed; 3. Heating tube and heating plate are integrated into a whole part, short heating time, safe, durable and with even temperature; 4. Heat press machine pressure can be adjusted up to 0.8Mpa, It adopts connected track which is stable and convenient for sliding, with high efficiency; 5. Special high temperature cloth for hot stamping machine covered 6. Lower plate covered with silicon mat and sponge to heat even heating pressure 7. Heat press machine is automation print once backside inductive screw touched 8. Left and right side bearings parallelly move the heat press machine 9. General pressure for 0.4Mpa-0.6Mpa heat printing
Double Station Heat Press Machine
1. Pneumatic heat press transfer machine makes machine more convenient for printing; 2. T-shirt printing machine is more accurate for small items printing; 3. Heat press machine powered by an air compressor ( not included); 4. Heat press machine lower aluminium plate with seperate stand makes it more convenient to set in finished clothes 5. Heat press machine with base frame for much stable printing and easy movement with the brake caster
Laser positioning
Big LCD Display Controlled, with Temperature, Time and Count Set
Can save the labor and time cost with automatic counting.
Emergency Stop Button for Urgent Case Stop If Needed
Pressure adjusting knob for easy adjustment of different pressure Right bottle for lubricate the air cylinder
Hose for the Air Compressor Included
Technical Details
Voltage(V): 110V/60HZ
Power(KW): 4.5
Temperature(°C): 0-299
Delaying Time(S): 1-999
G.W.(LB): 306.5
Package Size(''): 42.5'' x 33.9'' x 32.3''
Accept Thickness: Max. 2.36'' Thick Items
Range of Application: Pure Cotton, Polyester, Chemical Fiber, Pearl Board, Metal Pendant, Mousepad, Vitrolite, Ceramics
Pure Cotton Time: 15s-25s
Polyester Time: 40s
Chemical Fiber Time: 10s-40s
Pearl Board Time: 60s-100s
Metal Pendant Time: 60s
Mousepad Time: 50s
Vitrolite Time: 180s
Key Ring Pendant Time: 100s
Ceramics Time: 180s
Heat Plate Size: 16'' x 24'' (40 x 60cm)
Material Temperature
Pure cotton 356℉-428℉ (180°C-220°C)
Polyester 356℉ (180°C)
Chemical fiber 302℉-356℉ (150°C-180°C)
Pearl board 356℉ (180°C)
Metal pendant 356℉ (180°C)
Mousepad 374℉ (190°C)
Vitrolite 392℉ (200°C)
Ceramics 356℉-428℉ (180°C-220°C)

Product Dimensions (Approximately)
128 x 88.9 x 132.08 (W x D/L x H) cm

Total Weight
128 kgs

Main Color       : White+Blue
Main Material : Aluminium

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