ZUN 1.95Cu.ft Clothes Dryer, 830W, Stainless Steel Tumbler, Multi-Filtration, 5 Programs, 58dB, Overheat ES315308AAW

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Efficient tumble dryers for every need: Do you want to dry your laundry quickly and efficiently without compromising on quality Our tumble dryers are the perfect choice, with a rated capacity of 1.95 cu.ft. 830W rated power ensures excellent results every time.

Versatile drying programs and multi-level performance system: our tumble dryers are equipped with five different drying programs to suit your needs. Whether you want to gently dry delicate fabrics or quickly dry your laundry for next time, our machines have the right settings for you. A multi-level performance system ensures optimal energy efficiency and drying accuracy.

Overheating protection: We take your safety very seriously. Our tumble dryers are equipped with overheat protection to protect your home and clothes from accidental injury.

FOCUS ON ENERGY EFFICIENCY: We understand the importance of energy efficiency in your home. Our tumble dryers feature an eco-friendly design that minimizes energy consumption and reduces your electricity bill. Intelligent controls and a multi-level performance system ensure that only the necessary energy is used.

Easy to operate: Our tumble dryers are very easy to use. Clear instructions on the knobs allow you to select the right program for your needs. You are in full control of the drying process and can follow the progress of the drying on the clear display.

Stylish and modern design: our equipment not only performs well, but also looks beautiful in any living environment. The high-strength, corrosion-resistant PCM panel exterior adds a touch of elegance to your room.

PTC CERAMIC HEATING: Our units utilize a PTC ceramic heating element that maintains low temperatures. It optimizes performance while ensuring energy efficiency.

CLEAR CRYSTAL REMINDER LABEL: The domed black crystal reminder label provides a clear, large view of the unit's settings for easy monitoring of cleaning progress.

Our tumble dryer dries clothes quickly and efficiently. It is rated at 830 W and delivers impressive results. Five drying programs are available to meet your needs. Wall mounting saves valuable space in your laundry room. Overheat protection ensures the safety of you and your laundry. Energy efficient and environmentally friendly design.
Product Description
With a rated capacity of 6.6 lbs (expandable to 10 lbs) and a power rating of 830W, our powerful tumble dryer provides a reliable solution to your laundry drying needs. With five different drying programs, you can treat your laundry individually. The tumble dryer features overheat protection to keep you and your laundry safe. It can also be wall mounted to save valuable space. This energy efficient tumble dryer dries quickly and gently and is designed to be user-friendly. Order today and experience the benefits of a modern tumble dryer for your home!
Technical Parameters
Drying capacity: 10 lbs
Heating power: 830W
Final moisture content: -3%~+3
Noise Level: 58-62 dB
Product Size: 19.49* 17.13 *23.43 inch
Gross weight: 38.58 lbs
Net weight: 34.17 lbs
Door Plastic
Inner Cylinder Stainless Steel
Control Panel ABS
Type of controls Mechanical
Heating type PTC
Front/Back venting Back
Drying process Heavy clothing/Normal clothing/Anti-wrinkle/Cooling/Cooling wind Care
The angle of opening door 105°
Double temperature control switch Yes
Inner drum Speed(rpm)(50Hz) 42~50

Product Dimensions (Approximately)
15.38 x 49.53 x 59.51 (W x D/L x H) cm

Total Weight
15.38 kgs

Main Color       : White
Main Material : ABS+Steel(Q235)

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