ZUN 2 Drawer Metal Lateral File Cabinet with Lock,Office Vertical Files Cabinet for Home W1247118736

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Widened drawers The drawers of a file cabinet are usually larger than standard sized drawers, so they can accommodate more documents and information. This is very useful for workplaces that require storing a large amount of files and information.

The design of a widened drawer file cabinet usually takes into account the convenience of file management, allowing for different types of documents and materials to be placed in different drawers to maintain a clean and orderly office environment.

The widened drawer file cabinet not only has the function of storing files, but also can classify and organize different types of files, so that employees can quickly find or use files when needed, thereby improving work efficiency.

The widened drawer file cabinet also has high security. Drawers are usually equipped with safety locks to protect the security of important documents and information for employees and prevent unauthorized access.

Electroplated business card holder
The appearance of the electroplated business card holder can be plated with various colors and effects through electroplating technology, such as gold, silver, color, etc., which is very beautiful. The surface of the business card holder has a metal film that can provide moisture and water resistanc
Anti tipping heavy three section slide rail
The heavy-duty three section slide rail reduces the possibility of problems such as jamming, unevenness, and friction loss in the middle, making the expansion and contraction more stable. The heavy-duty three section slide rails are connected to each other, which can increase the space of the drawer
One word handle
The appearance of the one character handle is simple and exquisite, with smooth lines, not only beautiful and generous, but also very practical. It is usually used in conjunction with straight edges of furniture or appliances to provide a stable and smooth pulling experience.
Large capacity storage drawer
Items in the storage cabinet, such as miscellaneous items, documents, letters, A4, F4, etc. Hangers
Exquisite air permeability
The structure allows for air circulation and is less prone to moisture and mold. So as to keep the items dry and hygienic.
High quality hardware locks
Fold the key and lock three drawers

Product Dimensions (Approximately)
20.7 x 44.96 x 72.39 (W x D/L x H) cm

Total Weight
20.7 kgs

Main Color       : Black
Main Material : Metal

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