ZUN 20 FT Sectional Flag Pole Kit Extra Thick Aluminum Flagpole with 1 Flag 2 Rope 54295914

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Product Description:

Nothing beats the patriotic appeal of a commercial grade flagpole. Built to last decades, this pole will be a beautiful enhancement to any office building, manufacturing plant or residential development. It is easy to install and easy to take down should it ever need to be removed or repaired. The windproof and rust proof flagpole can withstand almost all outdoor weather conditions, which is very suitable for residential, outdoor and commercial.The pole is made from high-quality reinforced aluminum and the pole is divided into 6 sections so you can set it up as high as you want.

Suitable for front yard, garden, patio as well as commercial use like company, government buildings, railway station, museum, square, shopping mall, to decorate your places and publicize your proud to the country.


1. Suitable for Multiple Locations: 20 ft aluminum sectional flag pole kit with golden ball, show your independence, democracy and strong patriotic spirit and be proud of the great the United Kingdom. Ideal for front yard, garden, patio and commercial use like company, government buildings, railway station, museum, square, shopping mall

2. Stable&Durable: Extra thick 1.0 mm aluminum wall thickness with wind and rust resistance, can withstand almost all outdoor weather, suitable for house, garden and commercial use

3. Easy Operation: You can adjust the height of flag pole freely, raise and lower flag by pulling the halyard rope easily

4. Easy to Install: Attach 6 sections tightly with rotating lock between each sections

5. Replacements Included: 3' x 5' American flag, gold ball ornament, 4 stainless steel clips, 45ft polypropylene halyard, PVC sleeve, etc


Color: Silver

Height: 3.2FT to 20FT

Flag: 100% polyester 3 x 5 FT

Material: Extra thick heavy duty aluminum 1.0-1.2mm

Package Includes:

1 x Flag Pole

1 x Gold Ball Topper

1 x Instruction

1 x National Flag

2 x Halyard Rope

1 x Screwdriver

4 x Stainless Steel Clips

1 x PVC Sleeve

Note: Warranty of this item is 60 days form the date of purchase.

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