ZUN 24V14ah Kids Ride On 24V Electric Toy Motocross Motorcycle Dirt Bike-XXL large,Speeds up to W1396138210

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This children's off-road mountain bike offers an exhilarating top speed of up to 14.29 miles per hour (mph), providing young adventurers with excitement and thrills.

Safety First: Equipped with manual brakes and electronic throttle grips, ensuring children can easily control speed and stay safe during their adventures.

Top-notch Suspension: A superior suspension system provides a smoother riding experience, even on uneven terrain, for added comfort.

Durable Tires: Featuring 12-inch EVA inflatable rubber tires that are not only wear-resistant but also provide excellent traction, ensuring outstanding performance on various terrains.

Extreme Adventure
Wide Age Range: Suitable for children aged 8-12, making it an ideal gift for multiple age groups. Impressive Load Capacity: With a maximum load capacity of 132.2 pounds, it accommodates children of different weights, guaranteeing versatility. Outdoor Exploration: Encourages kids to engage in outdoor physical activity and adventure, keeping them away from electronic devices and promoting a healthy lifestyle. Family Entertainment: Brings fun to the family, allowing children and their families to enjoy quality outdoor time together. Thoughtful Design: Meticulously designed appearance and structure make it a stylish and attractive toy. Easy Maintenance: Not only is this mountain bike easy to operate, but it's also easy to maintain, providing convenience for parents. Off-Road-Ready 12-Inch Inflatable Tires: Equipped with 12-inch inflatable tires, perfect for off-road adventures, ensuring a smooth and thrilling ride even on rugged terrain. MP3 Player: Featuring an MP3 player, allowing kids to enjoy their favorite music while riding, enhancing the overall experience.
Two-Speed Options
With both a low-speed mode at 10 kilometers per hour (6.2 mph) and a high-speed mode at 23 kilometers per hour (14.29 mph), this bike offers versatility for different riding scenarios, from leisurely exploration to exciting speed bursts. Comfortable Leather Seat: Designed with a plush leather seat for added comfort during long rides, ensuring a cozy and enjoyable experience. Safe and Lead-Free Materials: Crafted from materials that are free of lead, providing parents with peace of mind knowing that their child's safety is a top priority. Durable Construction: Made from high-quality Polypropylene material with reinforced iron components, ensuring durability and longevity, even during rough play. Powerful 350-Watt Motor: The bike boasts a robust 350-watt electric motor, delivering the necessary power for thrilling rides and off-road adventures.
BATTERY:24v MOTOR:350W Maxmum Load: 132.2 lbs Car speed: 10-23km/h Applicable age: 8-12 years old Test standards:ASTM,CPSIA,MSDS,CPC FUNCTION: Rear suspension Manual throttle and brakes,12-inch inflatable tires,MP3 player,High and low-speed settings,Leather seat

Product Dimensions (Approximately)
23.62 x 119 x 84 (W x D/L x H) cm

Total Weight
23.62 kgs

Main Color       : Blue
Main Material : Polypropylene

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