ZUN 5-6 Rifle Gun Safe, Large Rifle Safe, Gun Safes for Home Rifles and Pistols, Quick Access Gun 59713350

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Upgrade six advantages to give you a new storage experience

  • Thickened plate
  • Large space storage
  • Intelligent panel
  • Thick lock bolt
  • Dual alarm system
  • No pry point design seamless welding
  • Electrostatic spraying insulation strong
  • Multi-storage: The internal multi-storage structure is designed to accommodate the storage of rifles and pistols as well as the separate storage of ammunition.
  • Rack Mount Velvet Lining : The rack mount keeps your firearms organized and easy to access, and the velvet lining protects your firearms, magazines and other valuables from wear and tear.
  • No Pry Point Design Seamless Welding: The door plate is laser cut from a piece of steel plate micro-seam laser cutting one-piece bending molding, thus increasing the cabinet's protective performance to a greater extent.
  • Dual Alarm System: Electronic combination lock plus emergency mechanical anti-theft lock double security to prevent the loss of firearms and ammunition.GA mechanical anti-theft lock, through the public security certification.
  • All-steel Cabinet Thickened Steel Plate: the use of high-quality cold-rolled thickened steel plate, load-bearing strong toughness high surface smooth, durable, not easy to deform.

Strong Insulation of Electrostatic Spraying

Selected high-quality epoxy resin health baking paint, good thermal stability, corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance to oxidation ability.

Optional silent mode and wrong access alam

For stealthier home defense, just activate silent mode. The Rifle Safe emits a warning tone when wrong entery for 5 times.

External Battery Box

When the batteryruns out, you caninsert 4x5AA batteries in the external

battery compartment.

(Battery not included)

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