ZUN 60inx100ft 1/2 in 19 Gauge Hardware Cloth Welded Cage Chicken Fence mesh Rolls Square Chicken W1226102636

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Half inch hardware cloth, ideal for snake fence, chicken wire, opossum rehab cages,chicken coops run,rabbit fencing, flower beds, wide gutters guard, fruit trees, vegetable garden, to keep out small critters such as voles, gophors, racoons,etc.

The holes are only 1/2 inch to keep critters out and the chickens / rabbit safe, protect your garden fruits and vegetables from rodent animals. The 1/2 inch openings would have to be really small to get through. In the area of Wisconsion and Colorado.

It's galvanized and very rust proof. Galvanizing after welding to ensure that all welding points are galvanized for maximum rust resistance and long life. Wider weave not too stiff, the material will confirm to rolled shape as tree guards for fruit trees

Use this material to line the bottom of your chain link fence and cut it in half by leaving it in a roll with a hack saw; it is plenty stiff for what you want to use it for. This mesh solved issues with snakes, gophor, skunk, chipmunks, rabbits and other creature pests living under your wooden deck

Use this to protect vegetables and flower roots, bulbs, rhizomes, etc from tunneling animals. It can be used to make individual baskets or line raised garden beds

Easy to install
1/2 inch opening mesh. Easy to installThe holes are only 1/2 inch to keep critters out and the chickens / rabbit safe, protect your garden fruits and vegetables from rodent animals. Hot dipped galvanized, double zinc coating Rust resistance and long service life For use around gardens, in workshops, and for everyday home or property projects, covering for window screen, chicken run, coops, rabbit fence, tree guards, drain gutter, soil sifters, garden raised bed, garden fence and form a grazing frame on fresh green grass. To fence out rodents, moles, snakes, small animals cottontails, antelope squirrel racoons, owls, a german shepherd, a border collie. Protection for vegetables, tomatoes, strawberries and herbs;to keep snakes, scorpians, raccoons, possums, skunks, waesels, etc out and make rabbits, chicks, hens, birds safe.
We believe that time casts high quality.
The quality of galvanized hardware cloth consists of two aspects: the inner core steel wire and the surface galvanization process. 1. We have carefully selected low carbon steel wire, which combines strength and toughness, as the core of the hardware cloth to ensure a safe and reliable process. 2. Through 30 years of production experience, we have adopted the most advanced post-welding hot dip galvanizing technology to achieve efficient and high quality production, ensuring that all welded joints are covered with galvanized coating, avoiding the problem of welding joint rust. - Our hardware cloth features: - AggFencer hardware cloth is welded and then hot-dipped galvanized to ensure water and rust resistance and durability. - Uniform galvanized layer, the surface is smooth and beautiful. - Welded by electric welding method, the welding joints are firm and not loose. - Through mechanized production, the products have uniform grid and solid structure.
Chicken coop and other poultry cages
- Cages for chickens, ducks, geese, etc. - Pet isolation: cat house or dog fence, etc. - Keep your poultry or pets where they belong.
Garden and orchard use
- Plant protection. - Garden covers raised beds. - Prevent squirrels, deer, and other wild animals from damaging your garden or orchard.
Not easy to rust
After 96 hours of high salt environment, hardware cloth did not rust. This equates to at least eight years of use in the natural environment. Therefore, it is the best choice to use hardware cloth in the high salt environment.

Product Dimensions (Approximately)
35.51 x 152.4 x 27.94 (W x D/L x H) cm

Total Weight
35.51 kgs

Main Color       : Silver
Main Material : Iron

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