ZUN Air Suspension Compressor Pump 37206590320 for BMW 5er G31, 6er G32 GT 37206886721 37206890320 66430935

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OEM Part Number

37 20 6 886 721,37206886721,6886721

37 20 6 590 320,37206590320,6590320

37 20 6 890 320,37206890320,6890320

Fitfor the Following Models

5' G31
518d Touring (ECE)
520d B47 Touring (ECE)
520d B47D Touring (ECE)
520d XD5 Touring (ECE)
520dX B47 Touring (ECE)
520dX B47D Touring (ECE)
520dX XD5 Touring (ECE)
520i B48 Touring (ECE)
520i B48C Touring (ECE)
520i B48D Touring (ECE)
525d Touring (ECE)
530d Touring (ECE)
530dX Touring (ECE)
530i B48 Touring (ECE)
530i B48D Touring (ECE)
530iX B48 Touring (ECE)
530iX B48D Touring (ECE)
540dX Touring (ECE)
540iX B58 Touring (ECE)
540iX B58C Touring (ECE)
M550dX Touring (ECE)

6' G32 GT
620d Gran Turismo (ECE)
620dX Gran Turismo (ECE)
630d Gran Turismo (ECE)
630dX Gran Turismo (ECE)
630i B48 Gran Turismo (ECE)
630i B48D Gran Turismo (ECE)
630iX Gran Turismo (ECE)
640dX Gran Turismo (ECE)
640i B58 Gran Turismo (ECE)
640i B58C Gran Turismo (ECE)
640iX B58 Gran Turismo (ECE)
640iX B58 Gran Turismo (USA)
640iX B58C Gran Turismo (ECE)
640iX B58C Gran Turismo (USA)

Package Includes:

1x Air Suspension Compressor Pump

Note: Warranty of this item is 60 days form the date of purchase.

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