ZUN Brake Caliper Clamp Rear Fit Honda Sportrax TRX400EX 300EX ATV 1999-2008 2001 32691086

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Brake calipers are essential to your car's ability to stop and are arguably one of the most important automobile brake parts. Most cars today have disc brakes, and a lot of cars and trucks are now using disc brakes in the rear, too. In a disc-braking system the car's wheels are attached to metal discs, or rotors, that spin along with the wheels. The job of the caliper is to slow the car's wheels by creating friction with the rotors.

In general, our calipers to last at least 100,000 miles or 10 years. But Caliper replacement is required if a caliper is leaking brake fluid, if a piston is sticking, or the caliper is worn or damaged. Leaks are very dangerous and should neverbe ignored because loss of fluid can cause brake failure.


Place on Vehicle: Rear Left or Right

Reminder: Always inspect rotors for cracks and replace as necessary for longer brake pad life.

*Hardware included for a complete removal and replacement. Just bolt on, bleed and top off fluid and ride.

* Professional installation is highly recommended (No Instruction Included)



for Honda ATV Sportrax TRX-400EX 1999-2008

for Honda ATV Sportrax TRX-400X 2009-2014

for Honda ATV Sportrax TRX-300EX 1993-2009

for Honda ATV Fourtrax TRX-250X 1987-1992

for Honda ATV ATC 200X 1983-1987

for Honda ATV ATC 350X 1985-1986

Replace Part Number:

43250-HN1-006, 43250-HN1-A41

Place on Vehicle: Rear Right or Left

Package Includes:

1x Brake Caliper

NoticeCalifornia Prop 65 Warning


Authority IDMXR02FXSY

NoticeCalifornia Prop 65 Warning

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