ZUN Egg Incubator, 9-20 Eggs Fully Automatic Poultry Hatcher Machine with Display, Candler, 69992764

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This 20 Egg Practical Fully Automatic Poultry Incubator is a practical gadget in our daily life. It is designed into visible style, allowing people to view the whole process of incubation. It could not only meet the date demand of scientific research, but also help to cultivate kid's curiosity. It is in mini size, lightweight for easy carry and operation. It features steady temperature for best incubation condition. This is really a powerful device!

1.A good combination of superior material and delicate workmanship.High accuracy and good stability.
2.Durable and safe to use.New cooling technology makes the temperature more balanced, and its overheating protection device automatically cuts off power when the temperature exceeds the set temperature.
3.Good heat preservation and energy-saving performance.With reasonable thermal cycle, providing optimal safeguard to incubation
4.Convenient temperature control for instant grasp or adjustment of inner temperature
5. Mini size, lightweight for easy operation.After using, clean the incubator and keep it dry.
6.Cold light source for egg-lighting, equipped with LED egg-lighting device, which saves energy and eliminates the need to purchase additional egg-lighting equipment.
7.Universal egg plate suitable for all eggs,such as eggs, duck eggs, goose eggs, quail eggs, parrot eggs, peacock eggs.
8.The automatic egg-turning function allows it to be heated evenly without dead ends: the sliding egg-turning eliminates the trouble of manual egg-turning, simulating the original hen hatching mode, sliding egg tray, and resistance-free skate slide rail, without lag.
9.One machine for multiple purposes: hatching, hatching, and brooding.
10.Automatic refilling and external kettle, you no longer have to stay up late to refill water. Compared with the traditional machine, the automatic water replenishment function is newly added, and the water replenishment is automated through the water supply device, which solves the problem of frequent water refilling and refilling water in the middle of the night. It can also avoid losses caused by forgetting to add water.

1.Net Weight: 1.75kg/3.86lbs
2. Dimensions: 15.2" x 9.9" x 4.6" (L x W x H)
3. Temperature Range:30°C-39.5°C
4. Voltage: AC 110V
5. Frequency: 50Hz/60Hz
6. Power≤50W
7. Incubation Quantity: 9-20 pcs(Capacity Changes According to the Type of Egg)
8. Plug: US Standard
9. Suitable for: Chickens,Ducks,Geese and Other Poultry,Quail,Parrot,Pigeons and Other Birds
10. Control System: Smart PID

Package Includes:
1*Power Cable
6*card slip
(Water Bottle is not included,Empty bottles of Coca-Cola can be used directly)

Kind tips
1.The Hatching Eggs Must Be Fresh, Forbidden to Be Placed in the Refrigerator, or Washed with Water. and the Best-fertilized Eggs Are Within 4-7 Days After Laying.
2.The Large Round End of the Egg Must Be Facing Upwards, While the Small Round End Must Be Downwards When the Egg Is Put into the Machine for Incubation.
3.Do Not Turn the Eggs Three Days Before the End of Incubation. Stop Turning the Eggs After 18 Days.
4.This Incubator Is Not a Toy. Children Should Not Play with the Incubator and Must Be Supervised by an Adult When Using It.
5.Please Allow the Slight Color Difference Caused by the Shooting Light and 1-3cm Error Due to Manual Measurement. 
6.The maximum suitable size of egg is duck egg size and the minimum suitable size of egg is quail egg size.
7.It is recommended that you keep poly foam for heat preservation of the incubator.

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