ZUN Fuel Injection Pump for John Deere 4045 Engine 5085E 5090R 6130D 6140D RE543423 79003786

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Compatible with John Deere
Compatible with Engine: 4.5L, 4045

Fits For the Following:
John Deere Tractor:
6E-1004; 6E-1204; 6E-1204P; 6E-1404; 6E-1404P
6R 110; 6R 120; 6R 130; 6R 140; 6R 150
John Deere Excavator:
130 P; 130G; 160 P; 160G; 180G; 200 G; 200G
John Deere Forwarder 1010G 910G
John Deere Excavator 130G 160GLC 180GLC 200G
John Deere Sprayer 204SP R4023
John Deere Tractor Loader 210K 210L
John Deere Backhoe Loader 310K 310L 310SK 310SL 315SL 410K 410L 710L
John Deere Wheel Loader 344K 344L 444K 444L 444P
John Deere Crawler Dozer 450K 550K 650K
John Deere Tractor 5085E 5085M 5090E 5090EL 5090M 5090R
John Deere Tractor 5100E 5100M 5100MH 5100ML 5100R 5115M 5115ML 5115R 5115RH
John Deere Tractor 5125M 5125ML 5125R
John Deere Tractor 6090MC 6090RC 6095MC 6095RC 6100MC 6100RC
John Deere Tractor 6105D 6105E 6105M 6105MC 6105R 6105RC 6110M 6110MC
John Deere Tractor 6110R 6110RC 6115D 6115M 6115MC 6115R 6115RC
John Deere Tractor 6120E 6120EH 6120M 6120R 6125M 6125R
John Deere Tractor 6130D 6130M 6130R 6135E 6135M 6135R
John Deere Tractor 6140D 6140M 6145M 6R 140 6R 150
John Deere Crawler Loader 605K
John Deere Windrower W155 W170
Industrial Diesel Engine:
4045CA550; 4045CB551; 4045CC550; 4045CI550; 4045CI551; 4045HAC04
4045HAC05; 4045HAC07; 4045HAC09; 4045HB551; 4045HFC04; 4045HFC06
4045HFC07; 4045HFC09; 4045HFC92; 4045HFC93; 4045HFC95; 4045HFG04
4045HFG06; 4045HFG09; 4045HFG92; 4045HFG93; 4045HFK04; 4045HFL07
4045HFL09; 4045HFL92; 4045HFL93; 4045HI550; 4045HLC07; 4045HLC09
4045HMC04; 4045HMC05; 4045HMC85; 4045HMC92; 4045HN056; 4045HRT90
Part Number: RE543423 294000-1540

Package Includes:

1x Fuel Injection Pump

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