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- 100% new quality and high quality

- [Integrated Wireless dog Fence] The new receiver transmitter integrated, digital wireless dog fence helps train the dog to develop their own independent space habits, ensure that your dog stays in the designated area, when taking the dog outside, you can always set the dog to stay in the area you set, do not have to worry about anything. It can be widely used for dog training field trips

- [Latest multi-function mode] The new digital wireless dog fence can be set in 3 modes, 1. Sound mode. 2. Vibration mode (3 levels). 3. Electric shock mode (3 levels), these modes can be set separately, combined, or all on (according to your needs)

- [Intelligent Fence Area] The electric pet fence system is reliable and safe, and can be used for pet training. It completely eliminates the hassle of wiring and conveniently establishes safe areas for pet activity. With a 3-100 level transmitter signal strength, its control range is a circular area with a radius of 98-3280ft, covering an area of 157 hectares. In this large space, your dog is free to move around safely

- [IP65/ Rechargeable all in One] Digital wireless dog pen comes with high capacity durable batteries, fast charging, and IP65 waterproof materials and technology, which means your dog can get wet on the grass, mess up the sprinklers, or use this electric dog pen system in the rain. With an adjustable cloth collar, the product collar supports most dog sizes (10-110lbs, neck: 6-26 "), and each product comes with 2 sets of metal extension contact probes for short or long coats and more

- [Working principle] When the dog goes beyond the set control range, the system will start automatically, and the receiver will sound a warning sound every 2 seconds to start working. After the third alarm sound, the static impact starts at low level and gradually increases the static impact strength. If your dog stays outside the designated area, the receiver will give up after the third cycle and automatically shut down to prevent excessive punishment of your dog

- [Carefully designed] Receiver operating voltage 3.7V, static electricity, dog and hair will not cause harm. The GPS wireless design allows you to control your dog perfectly in an open field


Warning/Warm reminder:

- Not suitable for severely aggressive dogs

- Please read this manual carefully before use

- You can set three modes: 1. Sound mode. 2. Vibration mode (3 levels). 3. Shock mode (3 levels) The product can be set to use these modes individually, in combination, or all on (according to your needs).

- The product should be set up for positioning (GPS positioning takes a few minutes), set the desired mode, and then put it on the dog's neck to ensure it is used in an open field, not in a home or many buildings (open outdoor use).



- Material: ABS plastic, nylon cloth (belt)

- Power adapter: 110-120V(US standard)

- Adjustable signal level: 3-100

- Remote control range: radius up to 1000m /3280ft

- Control area: up to 157 hectares

- Pet compatible neck circumference: 6 "-26"

- Waterproof grade: IP65

- Belt size: 28 "x 0.98" /72 x 2.5 (L x W)

- Product Size: 3.14 "x 1.96" x 1.37 "/8 x 5 x 3.5cm (L x W x H)


Package materials include:

- 1x integrated wireless digital dog fence

- 1x adjustable cloth collar

- 1x charger

- 4x metal contact probe

- 1x LED test indicator

- 1x instruction

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