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Lacette Silk Pillowcase 2 Pack

Lacette mulberry silk pillowcase 2 pack choose Grade 6A real silk fabric with a suitable density of 22momme, and 600 thread count, making Lacette pillowcase comfortable and durable. The unique double-sided design allows you to have the sleeping feelings of two kinds of silk.

A&B Double-sided Design

Side A is 100% mulberry silk, containing natural amino acids to nourish the skin and hair, so you can enjoy an unparalleled, blissful sleeping.

Side B is 100% natural wood pulp fiber, which has the "comfort" of cotton, "strength" of polyester, "Luxurious aesthetics" and "Soft draping". Whether dry or wet, it is extremely tough and durable.

Good flexibility, good moisture absorption, good air permeability. Not easy to shrink after washing - good dimensional stability.

Durable Well-known YKK Hidden Zipper

YKK zipper is 200 times durable than the ordinary zipper. Hidden zipper design won’t let your pillow slide out and makes pillows more tidy.

Built-in Hanger Loops

Hanger loops in Lacette pillowcase set of 2 helps you hang it without hurting the real silk fabric.

100% Real Silk Grade 6A Fabric

Mulberry silk is soft and smooth, provides a wrinkle-free sleeping surface, delays the growth of wrinkles, no more insane bedhead.

Reactive Printing and Ddyeing

Reactive printing and dyeing technology makes Lacette silk pillowcase is not easy to fade, cozy and glossy.

Variety of Colors and Sizes for Choosing

Lacette Silk Pillowcase has 6 colors and 3 sizes in available. You can choose suitable colors from Black, White, Grey, Pink, Champagne and Blue for various styles. Three sizes for all your life scenes: Standard Size (20”x26”), Queen Size (20”x30”), King Size (20”x36”).

The Thoughtful Gift for Everyone You Love

Lacette silk pillowcase 2 pack are wrapped in a delicate red gift box. It’s a beautiful and thoughtful gift for the one you love, also the most beautiful gift for yourself.

  • REAL 100% SILK PILLOWCASE: This silk pillowcase is made of 100% mulberry silk and natural organic wood pulp fibers, natural organic silk gives your skin and hair a smooth and soft contact surface, reduces stress during sleep and avoids static electricity, therefore slowing down the growth of wrinkles and keeping your hair shiny and smooth. The natural amino acids contained in this mulberry silk pillowcase can nourish your skin and skin and slow down the aging process with long-term use.
  • SPECIAL DOUBLE-SIDED DESIGN: Side A is 100% mulberry silk and side B is 100% natural organic wood pulp fiber. The mulberry silk is soft and smooth and fits your skin to reduce wrinkles, and the natural organic wood pulp fiber is durable, and good dryness keeps your skin moisturized and non-greasy. Combining two types of silk fabrics allows you to experience different sleeping sensations and gives your skin and hair more comprehensive care. The unique dual-sided design fully meets your needs.
  • 22 MOMME HIGH DENSITY THICKENED FABRIC: This mulberry silk pillowcase 2 pack chooses 6A grade fabric, uses upgraded process technology to produce 600 threads and 22 momme thickened encrypted silk fabric. Unlike the 3.5 stitches / 1 cm process on the market, we upgraded the process to 5 stitches / 1 cm, which makes this silk pillowcase more durable! No more worries about the silk pillowcase tearing! As we use the upgraded active printing and dyeing processing technology, the color will not fade.
  • HIDDEN ZIPPER AND BUILT-IN LANYARD: This silk pillowcases choose the YKK zipper, which is 200 times more durable than an ordinary zipper. The invisible zipper closure design keeps the pillowcase beautiful while wrapping the pillow insert well, making it less likely to fall and slide. Built-in rope for hang-drying, so you can dry your pillowcases more convenient and do not damage the surface of the them. These small details designed to facilitate your life.
  • THOUGHTFUL GIFT: This beautifully packaged silk pillowcase is definitely the best gift for your family, your curly-haired friends, those who are sweet sleepers. Real silk pillowcase will care for their skin and hair as well as your love. 

2 x silk pillow case, standard size: 20 x 26 inch

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