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The best way to get in touch with nature is, to go camping and travel; A camera, a tent, a you. Having a truck tent will allow you to wake up during camping trips, look out at the white clouds, welcome the warm wind, and enjoy a beautiful outdoor life, making you very comfortable. Therefore, our truck tent adopts 80% polyester 20% glass fiber, which is highly waterproof, breathable, easy to install and carry, and is a must for road trip enthusiasts to travel outdoors.

1. Lightweight: Tents are usually made of lightweight materials, making them easy to carry and install.
2. Stability: The structure of a tent usually uses components such as brackets and fixing ropes, which can maintain a stable form and are not easily blown down or deformed by the wind.
3. Waterproof: The tent comes with a detachable rain cover, which can effectively prevent rainwater infiltration during rainy days.
4. Good breathability: The tent material has good breathability, which can maintain air circulation with the outside and reduce internal humidity and odor.

1. Two windows and one skylight: suitable for sightseeing while maintaining air circulation inside the tent.
2. Equipped with 4 storage bags inside: convenient for storing travel camping supplies and garbage.
3. Robust fixing port: easy to install, firmly fixed, and not easily deformed.
4. Fiberglass poles: 2 A (two diagonal poles of the tent) 1 B (door pole of the tent) 1 C (fixed pole from the door to the center point).
5. A large storage bag: easy to carry, including a storage bag with a fixed strap, tent, rain cover, and fiberglass pole.

Package Includes:
1 large storage bag (storing all products and accessories)
1 small storage bag (storing fiberglass rods)
4 connected fiberglass rods: 2A (diagonal rod), 1B (door rod), 1C (fixed rod from door to center point)
2 additional fiberglass rods
1 tent
1 waterproof cloth
19 fixed straps

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