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We offer an elegant, luxurious way to create lasting moments with the people you cherish most; not just once, but every day, all year. What better way to give your heart to your significant other than a rose that lasts forever
Show infinite appreciation and love with an arrangement of real roses that have been preserved to last over a year while still maintaining their natural appearance and soft feel.

Give the girl you love a gift Made of Rose. We believe love is never fleeting, so your gifts shouldnt be either. Preserved rose is a symbol of eternal true love , appreciation and caring. It's a perfect gifts for girlfriend, wife, mom, grandma, daughter and your beloved ones on Valentines day, Mother's day, Christmas, Anniversary, birthday, to show your forever love, appreciation, best wishes, caring or friendship.
Symbol of True LoveThe handmade real rose flower through special dehydration technology, which preserves the flower original shape. They are conserved and treated in a way to last for years, so they will never wither. It's symbol eternal love.
Plant-based FormulaWe select and harvest our blooms at the peak of their beauty. The sap and water within the plant are replaced with a proprietary, 100% plant-based, biodegradable preservation formula.
Classic Gift BoxThis romantic gift box is an evergreen design that will never go out of style. This box is not only beautiful but it show the one you care about that your love for them is timeless.

Number of roses: 14-16
Diameter of rose: 1.95"-2.35"
Gift Box: 9.45"x8.66"x8.66", Classic Round Cardboard box
Durability: approx. 1-3 years.

Care instructions
Gently unpack your preserved rose composition from the box.
Preserved roses are designed for indoors only.
Do not water your preserved rose composition
Keep your preserved roses away from any sunlight, heat or A/C.
Please avoid touching the petals.
Use a dry, cool air to gently clean the flowers.

Please note: Our roses are natural and their sizes may vary.



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