ZUN Modern Wooden Cat Tree Multi-Level Cat Tower With Fully Sisal Covering Scratching Posts, Deluxe 56577004

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All amenities for kittens are included in this dreamy and irresistible cat tree: 6 fully sisal-wrapped scratching posts satisfy instinctive nail scratching, a large soft hammock and a cozy condo allow privacy and comfort sleep, many levels platform to lounge and nap on, sky lounge perches on the top offer the best view spot. The high-rise design provides plenty of vertical climbing space up to have a good stretch while playing. Endless fun is waiting for your cats. They would enjoy climbing, jumping, playing, napping or lounging during most of their own time. Your furry friends will be totally attracted by this multi-functional and fashionable cat tree.


1. STYLISH DESIGN: Graceful and Well-proportioned lines, thick and strong pillars, sturdy and practical; natural materials, care for the health; All those design elements are showed perfectly on this modern and elegant cat tree. It serves not only a wonderful rest and play castle for your feline, but also as an aesthetic furniture in your house with the fashionable and clean design.

2. COMBINATION OF TRADITIONAL AND MODERN: Different from with the traditional cat tree, the main part of this cat tower covered with wood grain surface makes it outstanding and looks clean and modern. All mats are removable and washable, easy for you to clean up and create a comfy environment for your cats. While a large hammock made by soft plush provides a very warm and cozy bed for your cats.

3. SOLID CONSTRUCTION: Thickened board and double layer base to ensure the stability of the entire cat tree. The reinforced scratching posts (dia.: 3.3in) make the tower more stable and safer to keep your cats be safe even when they climb or jump up. Safety strap included prevents the cat tree tower from toppling.

4. 100% SISAL-COVERED SCRATCHING POSTS: Scratching and climbing is natural instincts for all cats and very essential to keep their claws healthy. On this cat tree, 6 of the 7 scratching posts are fully wrapped with high quality natural sisal rope, a durable and scratch-resistant texture that cats love because it feels a lot like scratching on tree bark.

5. MULTI-LEVEL FUN: 6 levels platforms offer pets more choices to climb, play, lounge and rest. Your feline can play on the bottom and sharpen its nails, climb to the cozy condo to have a quiet and private sleep, nap in the soft hammock, jump on the top perch to observe his kingdom and enjoy bird watching. Dangling ball and rope provide extra endless fun.


Dimension : 22.8''x15.7''x65.6'' (58x40x166.5 cm)

Weight: 43.21 lbs / 19.64kg

Color: Beige

Material: CARB-certified Board, Plush Fabric, Sisal Rope


1cat tree


This cat tree is suitable for small,medium and large cats.

Note: Warranty of this item is 60 days form the date of purchase.

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