ZUN Professional Facial Steamer Large Aromatherapy Professional Ozone Nano Ionic Face Steamer Humidifier 33588642

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  • Unit is lightweight yet heavy-duty, sturdy base with four smooth-rolling swivel casters for easy portability, adjustable height and rotary sprayers can be adjusted to any angle you need,funnel-shaped water inlet and rubber plug at the top of the unit for easy refilling.
  • Premium 750 watts stainless-steel pipe provides superb steam production, durable and anti-rust offers long service life, environmental protection ABS material with high temperature resistance, which does not smell bad like a rubber air-guide duct.
  • Steamer features two operating modes, steam only or steam with ozone (UV), each with their own on/off switches with lighted indicators. Comes equipped with automatic circuitry that turns off the steamer if the water level drops too low.
  • Hot steam can make your pore opened, cleaning your face effectively,using it regularly can moisturize your skin and reduce wrinkles and colored patch. While it stimulates blood circulation and helps oxygenate the skin.
  • Warm note: 1) Do not use distilled water or purified water, it works with normal purified water or tap water.2) The sensor may not feel the PH value of the distilled water,it will beep to alert.You can add a little salt or vinegar to the water.


1.2-in-1 function: This facial steamer has two functions of steam and ozone. It uses ozone negative ions and boiling water to generate ozone and inject steam. Ozone removes dirt and oil from pores, adding moisture and leaving your skin feeling soft.

2.Adjustable Height & 360 Rotating Nozzles: Adjustable height and 360 rotating nozzles allow you to conveniently complete facial spa at multiple angles and heights.

3.Aromatherapy: The built-in aromatherapy small basket can add scented tea accessories and other fumigation bags to better moisturize and care for the skin.

4.Safe & Practical Structure: Our face steamer is made of hygienic and heat-resistant ABS material, with a 600ml water tank, and an alarm will be issued when the water is lower than the minimum water level to ensure maximum safety.

5.Application: It is suitable for beauty salons, hair salons or other professional treatment places. Or you can have one at home, with its simple design and easy operation, it can provide you with professional-level treatment at home.


Material: ABS

Color: White

Voltage: 110V/60Hz

Power: 800W

Gear: 2

Spray heat: Hot spray

Heating Time: 3-5min

Spray Time: over 25min

Capacity: 600ml

Package Included:

1 x Facial steam machine

1 x Steam pipe

1 x Plastic water cup

2 x Rods

1 x Height adjustment joint

1 x Connector

2 x Stands

4 x Wheels

1 x Instructions


1.Do not add anything except water in the water container, or it will cause danger.

2.Please use rushing water for hot steam, if using pure water, it may not work and beeping cause of the PH value of the pure water can not be detected by the needle in the water container.

3.Please use white vinegar for cleaning cool steam water container, Do not use others, or it will cause damage.

Note: Warranty of this item is 60 days form the date of purchase.

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