ZUN PTO PTU Power Take Off Differential Transfer Case Assembly 600-234 for Ford Edge, Lincoln MKS 23329900

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* There is very little oil in the transfer case assembly. When you receive the product, you must add it according to the oil type on the product label, it will make a lot of noise and be broken quickly without doing that.

* Please remove the white anti-leakage tape around the oil drain plug before installing.

OE Number




Ford AT4Z7251A

Ford AT4Z-7251-A

Ford AT4Z7251D

Ford AT4Z-7251-D

Ford AT4Z7251G

Ford AT4Z-7251-G

Ford 7T4Z7251B

Ford 7T4Z-7251-B

Will fit Following Models

2007-2015 Ford Edge V6 213 3.5L (3496cc)

2011-2015 Ford Explorer V6 213 3.5L (3496cc)

2009-2015 Ford Flex V6 213 3.5L (3496cc)

2008-2015 Ford Taurus V6 213 3.5L (3496cc)

2008-2009 Ford Taurus X V6 213 3.5L (3496cc)

2010-2016 Lincoln MKS V6 213 3.5L (3496cc)

2009-2016 Lincoln MKS V6 227 3.7L (3726cc)

2011-2012 Lincoln MKT V6 213 3.5L (3496cc)

2007-2010 Lincoln MKX V6 213 3.5L (3496cc)

2011-2015 Lincoln MKX V6 227 3.7L (3726cc)

2008-2009 Mercury Sable V6 213 3.5L (3496cc)

Replace Your Bad PTO Transfer Case On Time

PTOs are relatively simple mechanical units with few operational problems, but there are a few common issues associated with them. Here are some of the most frequently encountered issues:

  1. Clutch will not disengage: Slipping and overheating are common causes of this issue. To fix this problem, disassemble, inspect, and replace if necessary.
  2. Clutch will not stay engaged: Improper adjustment is the most common cause, remedied through adjusting engagement torque.
  3. PTO is hot. Several issues contribute to overheating (220º F measured by infrared thermometer at the bearing carrier), including too much or too little grease, excessive side load, or a new installation. Follow proper lubrication specifications and reduce the side load to remedy the first two problems. A newly installed PTO will run hot for the first 10-20 hours of operation after installation.

Package Includes: 1x Transfer Case Assembly (As Pics Shown)

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