ZUN Pull-Down Kitchen Sink Faucet Copper Mixer Tap Pull-out Silver Lead-free Kitchen Faucet KJZY50 87796738

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Pull-Down Kitchen Sink Faucet Copper Mixer Tap Pull-out Silver Lead-free Kitchen Faucet KJZY50

NameSingle handle hot and cold kitchen faucet

1.The body shell is made of copper.

2. The elbow rotates 360, it can be pulled freely, and there is no dead angle when it is pulled as desired, and the cleaning range of 60CM can be pulled.

3. Dual-function shower head, with straight column water and shower water, which can be switched by one button.

4. The base adopts color matching design, elegant and fashionable.

5. The columnar water bubbler adopts a honeycomb bubbler, which is injected with negative pressure air, and the bubbles are integrated into the water flow to achieve the effect of splash-proof and smooth water output, while efficiently saving water; the shower rain water outlet is designed with silica gel, which can Easily remove limescale accumulated for a long time.

6. The drawing pipe joint is designed to prevent knotting, and the nut is designed with a curved surface, which can be accurately returned.

7. Patented buckle, completely solve the problem of swaying of the elbow.

8. Electroplating level 10 can pass the salt spray test for 24 hours, and it can last as long as new in a humid environment.

9. Nickel layer: 10-12um, chrome plating layer 0.25-0.35um, pressure test: 06-0.8MPA (8-10bar, no leakage)

10. 304 stainless steel hot and cold braided water inlet pipe, compressive and explosion-proof, durable.

11. The pearl cotton is packed in an inner box to prevent bumps and fall.

12. Nylon drawing hose, soft, low noise, the inner tube is made of food-grade silicone material, high temperature resistance, aging resistance, safe and reliable.

Due to different demands in different Regions on the pipe size, Parcel here accompanied with a FREE 1/2 adaptor substitute for options,which is used to replace the specification of inlet pipe from 9/16 to 1/2.

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1*Free 1/2 Adapter Substitute

1*Instruction Sheet

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