ZUN Rear Air Suspension Shock Absorber Struts RPD501090 for Land LR3 2002-2012 LR4 2009-2016 Range 41542683

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Air suspension is essentially a computer-controlled system, a vehicle suspension driven by an electric or engine driven air pump or compressor. The driving characteristics and performance of the vehicle can be adjusted. By changing the air pressure in the spring, different vehicle heights (minimum ground clearance) can be achieved.

  • Function: Shock absorber is an important part of any vehicle suspension system. Most vehicles have a shock absorber for each tire. They provide powerful strength and functionality for the vehicle's suspension system. Specifically include: limiting body movement; stabilizing vehicle driving; stabilizing car tires; reducing tire wear; reducing overall suspension wear.
  • Shock Absorber Failure Symptoms: 1. Longer Stopping Distances; 2. Uneven Tire Wear; 3. Nose Diving When Braking; 4. Rear Squats; 5. Excessive steering wheel Vibrations; 6. Leaking Shock Absorber Fluid; 7. Rattling Noise; 8. Swerving in the Wind; 9. Broken Shock Absorber Bushings. If your car has such a problem, please replace it in time.


OE Number

Land Rover RPD000305

Land Rover RPD000306

Land Rover RPD000308

Land Rover RPD000309

Land Rover RPD500830

Land Rover RPD500880

Land Rover RPD501030

Land Rover RPD501090

Land Rover RPD501110

Land Rover RPM500010

Land Rover RPM500210

Land Rover RTD501090

Land Rover LR016402

Land Rover LR016404

Land Rover LR038096

Fit For the Following Models

LandRoverDiscovery3/LR3 2005-2009 All, with air susp.LandRoverDiscovery 4/LR4 2010-2014 All, with air susp.RangeRoverSport2010-2014 excl. supercharged All, with air susp.RangeRoverSport 2006-2009 incl. supercharged All, with air susp.

Package Includes: 1x Air Suspension Shock Absorber Struts

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