ZUN Small Block Dual Plane Intake Manifold for Dodge Charger Challenger Chrysler Cordoba Plymouth 318 25649706

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Fit for The Following Models

Chrysler LA Series Engines: 5.2L/318 V8

1984-1989 Chrysler Fifth Avenue  -5.2L/318 V8

1981-1983 Chrysler Imperial (fuel injection)  -5.2L/318 V8

1968-1981 Chrysler Valiant  -5.2L/318 V8

1977–1981 Chrysler LeBaron  -5.2L/318 V8

1979-1983 Chrysler New Yorker  -5.2L/318 V8

1981–1983 Chrysler Imperial  -5.2L/318 V8

1975–1983 Chrysler Cordoba  -5.2L/318 V8

1976–1980 Dodge Aspen  -5.2L/318 V8

1976–1980 Dodge Charger  -5.2L/318 V8

1976–1980 Dodge Challenger  -5.2L/318 V8

1976–1980 Dodge Coronet  -5.2L/318 V8

1968–1976 Dodge Dart  -5.2L/318 V8

1977–1989 Dodge Diplomat  -5.2L/318 V8

1991-1999 Dodge Dakota  -5.2L/318 V8

1971–1972 Dodge Demon  -5.2L/318 V8

1973–1976 Dodge Dart Sport  -5.2L/318 V8

1978-1979 Dodge Magnum  -5.2L/318 V8

1980–1983 Dodge Mirada  -5.2L/318 V8

1967–1991 Dodge Ram  -5.2L/318 V8

1967–1991 Dodge Ram Van  -5.2L/318 V8

1974-1993 Dodge Ramcharger  -5.2L/318 V8

1977-1980 Dodge E-13 (Ethanol-powered Truck)  -5.2L/318 V8

1968-1974 Plymouth Barracuda  -5.2L/318 V8

1968-1974 Plymouth Belvedere  -5.2L/318 V8

1970-1976 Plymouth Duster  -5.2L/318 V8

1967-1972 Plymouth Fury  -5.2L/318 V8

1972-1989 Plymouth Gran Fury  -5.2L/318 V8

1964-1974 Plymouth Satellite  -5.2L/318 V8

1974-1981 Plymouth Trail Duster  -5.2L/318 V8

1968-1976 Plymouth Valiant  -5.2L/318 V8

1976-1980 Plymouth Volaré  -5.2L/318 V8

Chrysler LA Series Engines: 5.6L/340 V8

1971-1972 Dodge Demon  -5.6L/340 V8

1971-1972 Dodge Super Bee  -5.6L/340 V8

1971-1972 Plymouth Barracuda  -5.6L/340 V8

1971-1972 Plymouth Duster  -5.6L/340 V8

1971-1972 Plymouth Road Runner  -5.6L/340 V8

1971-1972 Plymouth Sport Fury GT  -5.6L/340 V8

Chrysler LA Series Engines: 5.9L/360 V8

1975-1979 Chrysler Cordoba  -5.9L/360 V8

1978-1979 Chrysler LeBaron  -5.9L/360 V8

1977-1980 Chrysler New Yorker  -5.9L/360 V8

1971-1980 Chrysler Newport  -5.9L/360 V8

1976-1980 Dodge Aspen  -5.9L/360 V8

1974-1974 Dodge Challenger  -5.9L/360 V8

1974-1978 Dodge Charger  -5.9L/360 V8

1974-1976 Dodge Coronet  -5.9L/360 V8

1974-1976 Dodge Dart  -5.9L/360 V8

1974-1976 Dodge Diplomat  -5.9L/360 V8

1978-1979 Dodge Magnum  -5.9L/360 V8

1971-1978 Dodge Monaco  -5.9L/360 V8

1971-1973 Dodge Polara  -5.9L/360 V8

1971-1980 Dodge D Series  -5.9L/360 V8

1981-2002 Dodge Ram  -5.9L/360 V8

1979-2002 Dodge Ram Van  -5.9L/360 V8

1979-2002 Dodge Ram Wagon  -5.9L/360 V8

1971-2001 Dodge Sportsman  -5.9L/360 V8

1971-2001 Dodge Tradesman  -5.9L/360 V8

1974-2001 Dodge Ramcharger  -5.9L/360 V8

1979-1980 Dodge St. Regis  -5.9L/360 V8

1976-1980 Dodge B-series vans  -5.9L/360 V8

1978-1979 Dodge Lil' Red Express  -5.9L/360 V8

1974-1981 Plymouth Trail Duster  -5.9L/360 V8

1974-1975 Plymouth Road Runner  -5.9L/360 V8

1974-1974 Plymouth Barracuda  -5.9L/360 V8

1974-1976 Plymouth Duster  -5.9L/360 V8

1971-1978 Plymouth Fury  -5.9L/360 V8

1975-1977 Plymouth Gran Fury  -5.9L/360 V8

1980-1980 Plymouth Gran Fury  -5.9L/360 V8

1974-1983 Plymouth Voyager  -5.9L/360 V8

1976-1980 Plymouth Volare and Dodge B-series vans  -5.9L/360 V8

Package Includes:

1x Small Block Dual Plane Intake Manifold

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