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About the milk frother and steamer by SPACEKEY: 

1. Rich & Creamy Milk Foam: Spacekey milk frother and steamer makes creamy or frothy milk foam and hot milk or chocolate for your cappuccino, macchiato, or café latte, allowing you to make barista-level coffee at home with ease. Applicable for almond milk, oat milk, and whole milk. Recommend fat content>3 % for better frothing.

2. Heating Upgrade to 167:  Ordinary electric milk frother can only be heated to 149℉, this specialized milk warmer can heat up to 167℉, providing the ideal temperature for your delicious chocolate milk.

3. Quick Frothing & Heating: This milk frother for coffee frothing cold milk foam in 1 min, and hot dense milk foam in 2 minutes - just enough time to get your cup of coffee ready or to pull a shot of espresso. The 2 in 1 whisk is capable of heating and frothing at the same time.

4. 10.1oz Large Capacity: Just press to get hot milk or different milk foams as needed, which is way more convenient than milk frother handheld types. The max frothing volume is 140ml(4.7oz) and the max milk heating volume is 300ml(10.1oz). 4-inch large diameter and non-stick insider make it easy to clean. The lid with silicone can prevent the milk from spilling out when frothing and reduce the noise.

5. Auto Shut-off & Reliable: The milk foamer can auto-turn off when frothing is done. LED indicator flashing and beeps remind you to start your coffee rating. It uses 304 food-grade body material, not easy to corrosion. This stainless steel electric milk steamer is covered by a 12-month WARRANTY. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us, and we will take action in 24 hours.

Spacekey 4 in1 milk frother -- your ultimate coffee-making companion

Spacekey 4 in 1 electric milk frother and steamer with 2 whisks and cleaning brush

Product Introduction:

*Heat up to 167℉, providing the ideal temperature for your delicious chocolate milk.

*Quietly offer you preferred temp to make rich and creamy froth in just 1-2 minutes.

*Buzzer reminds you to get your milk or froth in time.

*Thumb-press design handle make it more easy to hold.

*304 non-stick stainless steel coating makes it easier to clean.

*Auto shut-off function to prevent overheat.

4 functions milk frother

With a simple press, it can create different frothing effects and heat milk to various temperatures

Save time on breakfast

It takes only 1-2 minutes to make a quick and easy breakfast, including heating milk rapidly or creating thick and frothy milk for coffee drinks

Clearly operating mark

Simple icons clearly tell you the maximum and minimum mark range for hot milk and frothed milk

Including cleaning brush

The cleaning brush is your good helper for cleaning, it can help you quickly clean the inside of the milk frother

Warm tips about Spacekey Electric Milk Frother

How to make the milk frother more durable

Avoid exposing the button to water, as this may lead to a short circuit and prevent it from functioning correctly.

Why the milk not hot enough

If the milk isn't whole milk, it may not get hot enough due to its composition. However, you can use the last button to heat your milk or chocolate to a temperature of 167°F±41°F.

How to achieve perfect dense froth

it is recommended to use whole and fresh milk with a fat content greater than 3% for achieving a dense and creamy froth. Additionally, ensure that the milk exceeds the minimum liquid level of 70ml.

How to cleaning

It is essential to clean the milk steamer after each use. When cleaning, make sure to separate the cup body from the power supply base before washing. After rinsing any dirt from inside the cup, wipe the cup body with a wrung damp cloth to ensure proper sanitation.

Does the milk warmer need to change the whisk when heating milk

No need for two separate tools, this whisk can efficiently froth or heat milk with just one multi-functional design.

How to operate without overflowing

To ensure normal frothing, the milk should be poured up to the Min marking line. And to prevent overflowing, don't exceed the Max frothing marking line.

How to maintain the milk frother daily

After every frothing or heating, please allow the thermostat to reset for 2 minutes before using the automatic hot and cold milk foamer again. To shorten this time, you can rinse the whisk with water and wipe it dry after each use.

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