ZUN Spark Imagination with a Lifelike Walking, Barking, Tail-Wagging Toy Pet! Complete Grooming Set 06572327

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  • Interactive Features: These toys often come with interactive features such as walking, wagging their tails, barking, or responding to touch or voice commands. These features aim to make the toy feel more lifelike and engaging for children.

    Realistic Appearance: The plush puppy toy is typically designed to resemble a real dog, with realistic fur, eyes, and other details. This makes it visually appealing and adds to the immersive play experience.

    Grooming Set: Some sets may include grooming accessories like a leash, brush, or other items to allow children to pretend they are taking care of their pet, further enhancing imaginative play.

    Age Recommendation: Manufacturers usually provide age recommendations for their toys to ensure they are safe and suitable for specific age groups. Make sure to check the recommended age range to ensure it's appropriate for your child.

    Battery-Powered: These toys are often powered by batteries to enable their interactive features. Be prepared to replace or recharge the batteries as needed.

    Educational Value: Toys like these can help children learn about responsibility and empathy as they take care of their "pet." They can also encourage imaginative play and social interaction.

    Safety: Always prioritize safety when selecting toys for young children. Look for toys that meet safety standards and do not have small parts that could be a choking hazard.

    Brand and Reviews: It's a good idea to research different brands and read reviews from other parents to get a sense of the quality and durability of the toy you're interested in. 

    When choosing a toy like this for a child, consider their age, interests, and any specific features that would appeal to them. Also, keep in mind that while these toys can be fun and educational, they should complement other forms of play and not be a replacement for real pet ownership, as they don't provide the same level of companionship and responsibility that comes with caring for a real animal.

    Product information

    What's in the box

    • Toy Dog x1
    • Grooming Set x1
    • Control Dog Rope x1
    • Screwdriver x1
    • User Manual x1

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