ZUN Turbo Charger For Land Rover Evoque Ford Mondeo AJ-i4D B4204T7 Ecoboost 2.0L 31693363

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* Please Note that the turbocharger in our shop is with electronic acutator.some ForRange Rover Evoque(2013-2015 ) car there is no Electronic actuator on original turbocharger, please remove the electronic actuator before installation.

Turbo Charger for Land Roverfor Range Rover Evoque Jaguar Volvo Ford 2.0 Aj-i4d


for Ford Focus III 2.0L 184KW 250PS 2012-2016

for Ford Focus III Turnier 2.0L 184KW 250PS 2012-2016

for Ford Galaxy WA EcoBoost 2.0L 149KW 203PS 2010-2015

for Ford Mondeo IV BA7 EcoBoost 2.0L 176KW 240PS 2010-2014

for Ford Mondeo IV Turnier BA7 EcoBoost 2.0L 176KW 240P 2010-2014

for Ford S-Max WA6 EcoBoost 2.0L 149KW 203PS 2010-2014

for Ford S-Max WA6 EcoBoost 2.0L 176KW 240PS 2010-2014

for Volvo S60 II 2.0T 149KW 203PS 2010-2016

for Volvo S60 II T5 2.0T 176KW 240PS 2010-2016

for Volvo V60 2.0T 149KW 203PS 2010-2016

for Volvo V60 T5 2.0T 177KW 241PS 2010-2016

for Volvo V70 III BW 2.0T 149KW 203PS 2010-2011

for Volvo V70 III BW T5 2.0T 177KW 241PS 2010-2014

for Volvo XC60 2.0T 149KW 203PS 2010-2016

for Volvo XC60 T5 2.0T 177KW 241PS 2010-2016

for Jaguar XF _J05_, CC9 2.0L 177KW 241PS 2012-2015

for Jaguar XJ X35_, _J12_, _J24_ 2.0L 177KW 241PS 2012-2016

for Range Rover Evoque LV 2.0L 177KW 241PS 2011-2014with AJ-i4D Engine

for Range Rover Evoque Cabriolet 4x4 2.0L 177KW 241PS 2016 with AJ-i4D Engine


Turbo ModelK03,K03-0260, K03-0269,K03-0288,K03-0289,K03-0154

Engine CodeAJ-i4D,B4204T7,Ecoboost 2.0L 2004-2011

Condition:100% Brand New

Warranty:1 Year warranty for any manufacture defects

OE Part Number

53039700154, 53039880154, 53039900154,

53039700198, 53039880198, 53039900198,

53039700237, 53039880237, 53039900237,

53039700260, 53039880260,53039900260,

3039700191, 53039880191,53039900191,

53039700238, 53039880238,53039900238,

53039700240,53039880240, 53039900240,

53039700241, 53039880241,53039900241,

53039700259, 53039880259,53039900259,

53039700269, 53039880269,53039900269,

53039700288, 53039880288,53039900288,


53039700505, 53039880505,53039980505,


AG9N6K682AF, AG9N6K682AG,AG9N6K682AH,

AG9N6K682AJ, AG9E6K682AK, AG9E6K682AL, AG9N6K682AM

BG9E6K682AB, BG9E6K682AC,BG9E6K682AD,

BG9E6K682AE, BG9E6K682AF,BG9E6K682AG,

36002927,V36002927, 36001806,36001893,V36001893,

36001788, V36001788, 36002955,V36001347, 36001347,

V36002955, LR075185, LR031510, LR045098, 5154657,

5163623,5148290,5217313, 1687963,1682133,


You will receive exactly as picture show

No Installation Instruction included, Professional installation is highly recommended


California Prop 65 Warning


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