ZUN Turbo Electronic Actuator for Hino 268 Nissan UD 2000 Truck 17201E0094 17201E0351 87952216

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OE Number:

Turbo OE Number: 17201-E0094, 17201-E0140, 17201-E0351

17201-E0352, 17201-E0353, 17201-E0140, 17201-E0141

17201-E0142, 17201-E0350, 17201-E0353A, 17201-E0180

17201E0094, 17201E0140, 17201E0351, 17201E0352

17201E0353, 17201E0140, 17201E0141, 17201E0142

17201E0350, 17201E0353A, 17201E0180, 24100-4320

241004320, 241004320C, 241004320B

Turbo Part Number: 766758-9, 766758-0009, 766758-5009

726997-0008, 7269970008, 766758-0002, 766758-0010

766758-0013, 76758-5002, 766758-5002S, 766758-5010

766758-5013S, 7667580002, 7667580010, 7667580013

7667585002, 7667585002S, 7667585010, 7667585013S

738265-0039, 738265-0056, 738265-0047, 738265-0027

B4070-833 DC 12V, 768440-0012, 768440-0013

768440-0014, 768440-0015, 768440-5012S, 768440-5013

768440-5013S, 768440, 768440-9012, 768440-9013

768440-9014, 768440-9015, 768440-0002, 768440-2

768440-5002S, B0397-005 DC 12V, 754998-0083, 812905-0007

Turbo Actuator Calibration Tool:

Operating voltage: 8-28V, according to the actuator supply voltage

to determine(usually 12V or 24V)

Operating temperature: -40~125

Human-machine interface: 3 switches, 1 status lamp, 1 Display


Will fit Following Models:

7.7L I6 Diesel

1998-2007 Hino 268 with J08E Engine

1998-2007 Nissan UD 2000 Truck with J08E Engine

2004-2007 Hino Ranger Truck with J08E Engine

If you are not sure about your item, please leave us your turbo number(on the turbo tag), we will check it for you.

Package Includes:

1x Turbo Actuator

Calibration method(Holset):

Condition 1 Actuator had been removed from turbo Calibration Step: press IP Key->Assemble the Actuator with turbo and then-> press IC Key

Condition 2 Actuator had been calibrated and assembled with turbo

Calibration Step: Press IC Key

Warning: Before powering on the calibration box, ensure that the

actuator is properly connected to the calibration box

Warning: Any time when Reset key is pressed, make sure Actuator had been removed from turbo, and then IP->IC

Warning: When IP success(digital tube display IP-S), make sure turbo gear is in the left limitation location and then assemble actuator. If not, calibration cannot success.

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