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Overall size : The product size is about 13.5 x 6.5 x 46 inches and can hold 12 wine bottles.

Wooden structure : Made of natural pine, high quality and very strong, simple and delicate wood grain, carefully polished by craftsmen, smooth edge without burrs. At the same time, the different woody flavors brought by the strength and length of the roasting and baking before the production of the wine rack are dissolved into the wine through the bottle stopper during the storage and fermentation of the wine, making the wine flavor richer.

Design style : Stylish and simple design style, whether the living room, bedroom, study, dining room and other scenes are placed arbitrarily, bringing warmth to your home.

Easy assembly : The attached studs and instructions for bracket installation make the installation of our bottle holders easy. Our rustic wine rack will give you an impressive wine display that you and your guests will enjoy."

A different wine rack
Our wine rack products are made of pine wood, with simple and delicate wood grain. After surface processing, the original joints and cracks on the wood are strengthened, giving people a kind of natural beauty of classical logs. It is closer to the origin of the wine, exuding a quiet and gentle atmosphere. It is not only the natural breath of logs, solid wood wine rack has a great damping effect on the storage of wine, combined with the wine stopper will be better log breath and wine, solid wood wine rack design of different artistic shapes, suitable for the safe placement of different wines. Natural wood fine grain, polished smooth without protruding nodes, high density, moisture resistance to pressure, in order to better facilitate wine fermentation. It has similar material characteristics to cork, which can show the quality of storage conditions: the wine rack is carved out with fine smooth grooves, parallel or vertical, which can make different shapes of bottles can be safely stored, easy to manage by the wine holder; The strength and length of the smoke and baking of the solid wood before production will bring different flavors to the wine rack In the process of wine storage and fermentation, the wood aroma of the solid wood wine rack will dissolve into the wine through the bottle stopper, making the wine richer, which is not replicated by general materials. All the environmentally friendly paint can minimize the volatilization of odor and the release of formaldehyde while protecting wood.
12 bottles standing grid wine rack
Simple, fashionable, classic instant cast, highlighting the comfortable texture of life, playing a harmonious avant-garde song, quietly taste eternal art in the dream!
Product details
Product category furniture
color walnut
material pine
Product size 13.5×6.5×46in
Package size 18.0×12.0×8.5in
G.W/carton 20ib
Application scenario Living room / kitchen /study/Dining room
Country of origin china

Product Dimensions (Approximately)
8.1 x 34.29 x 116.84 (W x D/L x H) cm

Total Weight
8.1 kgs

Main Color       : Walnut
Main Material : Pine

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