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-[Digital Wireless Dog Fence] helps to train dogs to develop their own living habits in independent space, ensure that your dog stays in the designated area and you don't have to worry about anything when you go out. It can be widely used for dog training at home or in the wild

-[intelligent fence area] this electric pet fence system is reliable and safe and can be used for pet training. It completely eliminates the trouble of wiring and easily establishes a safe area for pet activities. It has the signal strength of 1-100 transmitter, and can adjust the remote control range. The remote control range is a circular area with a radius of 82-1620ft, covering 78 hectares. In this big space, your dog can walk around freely and safely

-[rechargeable receiver collar] the wireless receiver collar is equipped with high-capacity durable battery, charged and made of IP67 waterproof material, which means your dog can wet through the grass, mess up the sprinkler, or use this electric dog fence system in the rain. With adjustable TPU belt, receiver neckline supports most dog sizes (10-110lbs, neck: 6-26 "), each receiver is equipped with 2 sets of metal extension contact probes for dogs with short or long fur, etc

-[working principle] when the dog is out of the set control range, the system will start automatically and the receiver will send out warning sound every 2 seconds to start working. After the third alarm sound, the low level starts the static shock, and gradually increases the static impact strength. If your dog stays outside the designated area, the receiver will give up work and shut down automatically after the third cycle to prevent excessive punishment of your dog

-[carefully designed] the receiver operates at a voltage of 3.7V, static electricity, which will not cause damage to dogs and hair. The wireless design of the product can handle various terrain. A transmitter can support multiple receivers to work simultaneously. 1 tow 1 for 1 dog, 1 for 2 dogs, 1 for 3 dogs

Warm tips:

-Please read this manual carefully before use. If your dog has returned to a safe area, but the beep is still working, just increase the signal level, and the beep will stop working

-You should put the transmitter high enough and open it sufficiently to ensure that there is no barrier between the transmitter and receiver (outdoor use is unobstructed)

-Only the receiver can not be used alone and can be used with the transmitter (the transmitter does not have a battery and is powered by us in-line plug)


Q: What should I do first after receiving the product

A: You should read the instructions carefully. After you are familiar with each operation step, follow the instructions of the instructions. If you have any questions, you can contact us.

Q: Why does the dog still motor my dog in my ideal setting area

A: If the dog is in your ideal range, if there is a beep or a motor dog, the estimated distance you set is too small. Don't worry, just adjust the distance of the host and press the + button until the dog is in a safe area. There is no beep sound or motor in the receiver

Q: Where should I install the host transmitter for the best signal

A: The signal transmitted by the transmitter of the main unit will also be affected by the signal accumulated on the surrounding walls or debris. In order to ensure the normal operation of the transmitter signal, it is recommended that you install it on the outer wall of the house without any obstruction (do a good job of waterproofing), or Only in the room, then you should install the transmitter as close as possible to the side of the outer wall of the yard, and increase the signal strength of the host by 20% of the normal setting distance

Q: Is there anything to pay attention to when a dog wears a receiver

A: When putting the receiver on the dog, you should first test the normal operation of the receiver, turn on the receiver when putting it on the dog, and try to secure the collar so that the receiver is close to the dogs neck


-Material: ABS plastic (transmitter, receiver), TPU (belt)

-Power adapter: AC 110-120V

-Adjustable signal level: 1-100

-Remote control range: radius up to 500 m

-Control range: up to 78 ha

-Compatible pet neck: 6 "-26"

-Waterproof grade of coupling: IP67

-Belt size: 30 "x 0.7" /75.5 x 1.9 (L x W)

-Transmitter size: 5.5 "x 3.3" x 1.3 "/14 x 8.5 x 3.2cm (L x W x H)

-Receiver size: 2.7 "x 1.5" x 1.3 "/7 x 4 x 3.2cm (L x W x H)

1 tow 2 packages include:

-1x wireless transmitter

-2x neckline receiver

-2x adjustable TPU belt

-1x charger

-8x metal contact probe

-2x screw

-2x screw holder

-2x LED test light

-1x instruction

Note: Warranty of this item is 60 days form the date of purchase.

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