ZUN Xenon HID Headlight Ballast Module for BMW E83N X3 E92 X5 E70 X6 63117182520 99372420

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OEM Part Number

63117182520 Superseded by: 63127255724; 63122754797 1307329153 / 130732915301

1307329193 / 130732919301

BMW Part Number: 63117182520

Audi Part Number: 8J0907391

Cadillac Part Number: 25806714

Fit For the Following Models

BMW Models:

E63 M6 Coupe, S85

E63 645Ci Coupe, N62

E63 M6 Coupe, S85

E63N 650i Coupe, N62N

E64 M6 Convertible, S85

E64 645Ci Convertible, N62

E64 M6 Convertible, S85

E64N 650i Convertible, N62N

E70 X5 3.0si SUV, N52N, AUTO

E70 X5 3.5d SUV, M57N2, AUTO

E70 X5 4.8i SUV, N62N, AUTO

E70N X5 35dX SUV, M57N2, AUTO

E70N X5 35iX SUV, N55, AUTO

E70N X5 50iX SUV, N63, AUTO

E83N X3 3.0i SUV, N52N

E83N X3 3.0si SUV, N52N

E90 M3 Sedan, S65

E90N M3 Sedan, S65

E92 328i Coupe, N52N

E92 328i Coupe, N51

E92 328xi Coupe, N51

E92 328xi Coupe, N52N

E92 335i Coupe, N54

E92 335xi Coupe, N54

E92 M3 Coupe, S65

E92N M3 Coupe, S65

E93 328i Convertible, N52N

E93 328i Convertible, N51

E93 335i Convertible, N54

E93 M3 Convertible, S65

E93N M3 Convertible, S65

Mini Cooper Models:

R52 Cooper Convertible, W10

R52 Cooper S Convertible, W11

R55 Coop.S JCW Clubman, N14

R55 Cooper Clubman, N12

R55 Cooper S Clubman, N14

R55N Coop.S JCW Clubman, N18

R55N Coop.S JCW Clubman, N14

R55N Cooper Clubman, N16

R55N Cooper S Clubman, N18

R56 Coop.S BEV Coupe, I15

R56 Coop.S JCW Coupe, N14

R56 Cooper Coupe, N12

R56 Cooper S Coupe, N14

R56N Coop.S JCW Coupe, N18

R56N Coop.S JCW Coupe, N14

R56N Cooper Coupe, N16

R56N Cooper S Coupe, N18

R57 Coop.S JCW Convertible, N14

R57 Cooper Convertible, N12

R57 Cooper S Convertible, N14

R57N Coop.S JCW Convertible, N18

R57N Coop.S JCW Convertible, N14

R57N Cooper Convertible, N16

R57N Cooper S Convertible, N18

R58 Coop.S JCW Coupe, N14

R58 Coop.S JCW Coupe, N18

R58 Cooper Coupe, N16

R58 Cooper S Coupe, N18

R59 Coop.S JCW Roadster, N14

R59 Coop.S JCW Roadster, N18

R59 Cooper Roadster, N16

R59 Cooper S Roadster, N18

Audi models:

2007-2014 Audi TT(Please note that this vehicle uses two types of ballasts. Please make sure the part number matches the one that is on your vehicle.)

Subaru Product Fitment/Applications:

2007-2010 Subaru Outlook

Cadillac Product Fitment/Applications:

2007-2011 DTS Xenon Headlight Ballast (Please note that this vehicle uses two types of ballasts. Please make sure the part number matches the one that is on your vehicle.)

Ballast will fit both left and right side

Package Includes: 1x Headlight Ballast Module

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